Become the artist you always wanted to be...

Stir the artist in you, whom you have been ignoring all this while, back to life. Because its time to awaken has come.

It is time you made your art the top-most priority of your life. No more pushing aside the real you to become a good child, an obedient student, or a diligent employee. And we are here to help you do just that.

Join our 5-Day Art Challenge

For 7 consecutive days, you will be given a prompt - every day at midnight. You have to write something on it within 24 hours.

This is the basic idea. We have put together many techniques and processes to help you push yourself and create art despite all the troubles of a regular workday, outpassing your own artistic expectations. Fill in your details below to know how taking this challenge can revive your creative life.

Apoorva Singh


This challenge helped me a lot to know my limits and push myself off them. This made me realize that time can never be an issue if one wants to live the passion life. Amazing experience!

Itika Juyal


Taking the challenge and pushing my creative skills beyond the set pattern has truly been a journey in the rainbow. It's such a good idea from POD. It stirred some parts of creativity within me yet to be discovered.

Samridhi Aneja


What more does an Artist need than a chance to Manifest feelings?? It was a chance to express in any way you desire. This chance gave me opportunity to present your Art in any way possible based on theme.

Learn the rules like a pro... that you can break it like an artist.

Like everything else, creativity is a science. If you learn how to use it, you can use it as a switch to shift your thinking pattern from being practical and straightforward to being creative with the snap of a finger.

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